Troubleshooting Guide

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The Web Curator Tool has many interconnected components and depends on several sets of technologies. Problems can occur. This guide is designed to help resolve those issues.

See also the Troubleshooting sections in the System Administrator Guide.

Contents of this document

Following this introduction, the Troubleshooting Guide includes the following sections:

  • General help - Covers general issues.
  • Problems harvesting - Covers troubleshooting harvesting issues.
  • Known issues - Covers known issues.
  • System Administrator - Covers troubleshooting tips for System Administrators.

General help

Refer to the following guides:

Problems harvesting

If you are having issues with the following:

  • Incomplete harvests
  • Harvests aborting
  • The quality of completed harvests (missing images/pages/resources)

Here are some things to check:

Harvest agents running

Make sure you have at least one WCT Harvest Agent running. A Harvest Agent is the component of WCT that actually performs the crawl of your Target website. From the WCT Home screen, go to general under Harvester Configuration and you should see a list of your available Harvest Agents.

Harvest Logs

Once a Target Instance starts to harvest, a number of log files get generated. Upon opening a running Target Instance, go to the logs tab. Two logs that are useful for troubleshooting are crawl.log and local-errors.log. Definitions for the status codes in crawl.log can be found in the Heritrix documentation.

Harvester Profiles

Harvester profiles contain the settings that control how a harvest behaves. These are based on Heritrix profiles and set how a website is crawled buy the Harvest Agent. Consult the Heritrix manual on how to configure your profiles.

Known issues

There are no known issues at this time.

System Administrators

If you experiencing any issues where WCT doesn’t appear to be functioning correctly, a good place to start is checking the application logs. These should be located within the logs folder of your application directory. The three application logs that the WCT components produce are:

  • wct-webapp.log
  • wct-das.log
  • wct-agent-h3.log

Identify any warnings or errors that relate to actions you are performing within WCT, ie. if you are having problems harvesting a Target, look for the Target ID number within the logs (a Target ID can be found within the WCT UI).