Frequently Asked Questions

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The Web Curator Tool has many interconnected components and depends on several sets of technologies. This document aims to unravel some of that complexity by answering some frequently asked questions.

Contents of this document

Following this introduction, the FAQ covers each issue in a question and answer format.


Why can’t I login with a new user I’ve created? How do I change where my harvests are being stored? Why isn’t WCT using Heritrix 3.x? Why can’t I find my harvests in Wayback?

Q: Why can’t I login with a new user I’ve created?

A: Check that you have assigned a Role with the Login permission to your new User. By default a new User is not assigned to any Roles. Start by creating a new Role that at least has the Login permission checked. Then when viewing your list of Users, select the Roles icon under Action buttons.

Q: How do I change where my harvests are being stored?

A: Your harvest collection is stored by the WCT-Store module. The location of this store can by set via the file, located in webcurator-store.war/BOOT-INF/classes/ Each harvest is stored in a folder with the Target Instance number. Please note warc/arc files are only transferred here after the harvest has been completed.

# the base directory for the arc store

Q: Why isn’t WCT using Heritrix 3.x?

A: Check that the WCT H3 Harvest Agent can reach the H3 instance. Compare the connection details in with how the H3 instance is being started and where.

Q: Why can’t I find my harvests in Wayback?

A: You have configured Wayback integration with WCT, but when trying to review your harvest in Wayback you get the following message: Resource Not In Archive. There is no exact answer to why this might have happened, but there are several steps you can check to make sure the indexing process has worked.

  • Check the harvest warc/arc file has been copied into the common location that Wayback is watching.
  • Check that there is a corresponding index file with the same name in /<wayback dir>/index-data/merged/.
  • If there is no index file, check the folders inside /<wayback dir>/index-data/ for any sign of your harvest.
  • If the index had been completed successfully you should see an entry for your harvest warc/arc in the /<wayback dir>/file-db/db.log file.
  • If you have moved your Wayback common location, check that the required configuration files have been updated correctly. See Wayback Integration Guide.
  • Try restarting your Tomcat server.